SeaDek and the SUPrack

SeaDek and the SUPrack

SeaDek and the SUPrack

We are a featured on SeaDek this week!!!  Read the post on SeaDek’s website by clicking here or on the image.

When we were developing the SUPrack after we built the RackIt for wakeboards and wakeskates, we knew that because paddleboards were more fragile that say a wakeboard, that we needed a nice and stylish protective pad on the rack.

We chose SeaDek as our pad of choice for their quality and color schemes. We knew that they could product a great pad that arrives when stated. For us, it’s not just the pad, but the company that is behind the product. SeaDek has become a leading manufacture of deck pads the boating industry. With the amount of decking they produce for wakeboard and offshore boats, the time that they take for a small company like Take Your Boards, we know is not a top priority, but somehow they seem to always produce for us.

SeaDek does not cater to the smaller crowd’s so much, and we greatly appreciate that they have given us the opportunity to use their great product to make our’s the best it can be.

“Thank You SeaDek!”

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