U.S. Senate passes Modern Fish Act

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The U.S. Senate has unanimously passed S.1520, the Modernizing Recreational Fisheries Management Act of 2017. The passage of the legislation, known as the Modern Fish Act, would make critical updates to the oversight of federal fisheries, marks a big step forward for America’s angling community and now moves to the U.S. House for final approval. “Today is an important day for America’s 11 million saltwater anglers thanks to the leadership of Sen. Roger Wicker andRead More

Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show

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If you are interested in boating, you’ve probably been to an occasional boat show. Although most boaters North of Orlando have not been to a boat show South Florida style, South Florida boat shows know how to put them on incorporating entertainment and everything a boat lover would need or want to see. Whether the Miami International Boat Show (MIBS), the Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS), or the Palm Beach International Boat Show (PBIBS),Read More


SUP Racks for fishing boats

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Call Us for the Best SUP Racks for Fishing Boats  If you love fishing as much as we do, you get excited when you hear about cool ways to enjoy it. Enter stand-up paddleboard fishing (SUP fishing). But how do you get your paddleboard, which is decked out with everything you need to fish, out to your favorite fishing spot?  You transport it on a fishing boat, naturally – a boat equipped with a SUP rack.Read More

Manta Racks

Notice: Gas Stations Now Offer E15 – Don’t Accidentally Use this Level of Ethanol in Your Boat

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Many boaters around the country trailer their boats to their favorite spot.  When trailering to rivers, lakes, bays, or to the ocean it is easy to pull into a gas station and fill up your boat at the same time as you fill up your towing vehicle.  We just pour in the Ethanol Treatment as we top off the boat, then get back on the road to the ramp.  Over the past several years, dealingRead More

Paddleboard Fishing

Paddleboard Fishing Part 3

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Those of you who paddleboard or kayak understand the serenity of being out by yourself or with a friend. Although, most paddlers are restrained by distance knowing that they will need to return under their own power. There is so much more to explore with paddle sports, especially further away from shore…places where boats and even skiffs can’t get due to shallow depth or too narrow of a path.  Using your boat to transport yourRead More

Wakeboard racks for fishing boats

We Offer the Best Wakeboard Racks for Boats 

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Why wouldn’t you surround yourself with things that make your life just a little bit easier? We’re talking convenience and peace of mind. That takes on even more significance when you’re cruising on the open waters. Here at Manta Racks, our life revolves around the water – fresh and salt. Our passion runs deep for board sports of all kinds. All of this motivated us to create the best wake board racks for boats. YouRead More