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Where to Find SUP Accessories in Florida and Beyond

Stand up paddle boarding is a sport for many people. It’s a balance game, no doubt, but it does allow for a calm and relaxing day spent on the water. However, paddleboards can be quite large and cumbersome when it comes to traveling. Fortunately, there are plenty of SUP accessories and additions to make your next trip a bit easier. At Manta Racks, we ran into a problem prior to starting the business. As owners of a fishing boat and with an enjoyment for watersports, we found it challenging to intermix the two. Our paddleboards were too large to put in the boat. They took up precious amounts of space and proved to be a safety hazard. That’s when we decided to build Manta Racks. No longer will you have to choose which outdoor water sport you want to prioritize. Why not choose both?  


SUP Accessories from Manta Racks  


There are a few different accessories that we believe are helpful for those who love stand up paddle boarding. First, we offer an incredible rack that helps you enjoy your boat and your equipment. Our L2K rack system can transport the catamaran style paddleboard by LIVE Watersports or even a kayak! Because these pieces of outdoor equipment can be quite heavy & large, it’s crucial that this rack is set into a durable, through-bolted, reinforced fishing rod holder. The distance between both holders should be 24 inches to 48 inches. Additionally, it’s important to check the angle of the rod holder to ensure that it fits with our racks.  We offer 300, 150, & 00 angles with 300 being the most common.


Our S1 Rack transports one paddleboard. Similar to the L2K rack, this product needs to be reinforced into fishing rod holders that are heavy-duty. Some individuals solely like to paddleboard, making this an excellent choice. However, if you prefer to alternate between a kayak and a paddleboard, the L2K rack will be your better option. If you have two paddleboards, you might find our S2 rack more suitable. This incredible duo allows for the transport of two paddleboards at once. Whether you’re looking to take a loved one or a friend, this rack will allow you to have fun in the sun all day long.  


Some other accessories include our dock and wall mounts, which can securely hold your boards while you’re at home or in your marina. If you need a reinforcement plate for your fishing rod holders, we offer a GEM Bluewater Rod Holder Reinforcement Plate. At Manta Racks, we firmly believe in living life to the fullest. We learned firsthand that water sports and fishing boats can be a challenge. However, with our incredible products, we’re sure that you’ll be ecstatic about your new and easier life. Contact Manta Racks today at 1-888-622-0225 to learn more about SUP accessories. For any other questions, please call or go to our website at We can’t wait to show you what true happiness feels like! Life on the water has never been more relaxed. 

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A Buying Guide for Manta Rack’s Wakeboard Accessories

Are you considering purchasing a wakeboard rack from Manta Racks? If so, you’re in for a treat! You’ll wonder how you ever took your wakeboard out on your boat before this moment! Did you know that you can also purchase a plethora of wakeboard accessories through Manta Racks? In this article, we’ll discuss some of the handiest tools available to make your wakeboard experience even better.  

Dock / Wall Mounts: Wakeboard Accessories  

Our dock and wall mounts are the perfect addition for any wakeboarder. Our packages come with two mounts, so that you can place your board out of the way. They’re specifically designed to store your gear off the boat, by the dock, or in your garage! We have a few different options, including 50 degrees or 30 degrees, and with white or black coatings. These mounts aren’t like other mounts. They’re sturdier and more hardcore than ever before! Made out of aluminum, stainless steel, and starboard, these mounts are built to last.  

B3 Rack  

This incredible, heavy-duty rack can transport three items at once! The two outer locations are available for wakeboards or waterskies, while the inner slot is made for more substantial boards just as wakesurfing, and kneeboards. Now, you can strap multiple watersport equipment to your boat. No longer will they be in the way or a danger to visitors on your vessel. You can transport all of your favorite gear the smart way!  

Bungie Chord  

To secure your boards to the B3 Rack or to the dock and wall mounts, you’ll want to buy a bungee cord. This chord will keep all of your racks snugly fitted to your boat, dock, or wall, so that you don’t have to worry about any mishaps, loose adjustments, or accidents.  

If you’re ready to buy a wakeboard for your next adventure on the water, don’t let just anyone sell you a rack. You’ll want the best of the best, especially if you’re going to take your paddleboards out to sea. If you’re a significant fisher, then you know how stressful it can be to try to find space for watersports equipment. As the owners of Manta Racks, we ran into a similar issue. We loved spending time outdoors, but felt the boat was too crowded to bring along wakeboards, waterskies, and kneeboards. That’s when we decided that we could create racks that would allow for the best of both worlds.  

Check out today and see what wakeboard accessories you can find! If you have any questions about our racks, gear, installation directions, deliveries, or accessories, contact our team at 1-888-622-0225 today! We can’t wait to help you get the gear you’ll need to have the time of your life! You’ll wonder how you ever managed without a Manta Rack attached to your boat!  

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Top Ten Florida Kayaking Spots to Visit This Summer!

Whether you’re a Florida native or just visiting this summer to soak in the rays, kayaking is a great way to experience the natural beauty of the sunshine state! Getting up close and personal with nature through our beautiful mangroves and waterways lets you experience Florida in a way you just can’t get at Disney World or on South Beach. If your adventurous side is calling to you, check out these 5 Florida kayaking spots you have to visit this summer! And don’t forget your Manta Racks kayak rack to safely transport your kayak.

The Florida Keys

Whether you’re a Florida native or just visiting this summer to soak in the rays, kayaking is a great way to experience the natural beauty of the sunshine state! Getting up close and personal with nature through our beautiful mangroves and waterways lets you experience Florida in a way you just can’t get at Disney World or on South Beach. If your adventurous side is calling to you, check out these 5 Florida kayaking spots you have to visit this summer! And don’t forget your Manta Racks kayak rack to safely transport your kayak.

The Florida Keys

We’re not picking a specific spot in the Florida Keys because there’s dozens of great places to launch from or dock, but the Florida Keys are a definite must see for kayakers young and old! Also, as the Southernmost part of the United States, why not start from the bottom and work your way up?

St. Lucie River, Stuart, FL

Less popular than the kayaking spots in the Keys, Stuart’s St. Lucie River a stunning path away from the crowds. With gorgeous live oaks draped in air plants and Spanish moss, the scenery is perfect for a romantic couple’s kayaking trip. Paddle far enough (for about two hours) and you can even find a secluded area for picnicking and hiking.

West Lake Park, Hollywood, FL

This one is a two for one! You can kayak and get an up-close look at native plants and foliage, then walk the park’s trails or take advantage of their athletics facility. Play basketball, racquetball, or volleyball while your kayaks stay safely secured with Manta Racks kayak accessories. West Lake Park is also connected to the intercoastal if you want to take to deeper waters for a full day out on the boat.

Oleta River State Park, Miami, FL

A hidden oasis in the middle of Miami’s chaos, Oleta River State Park is a great spot for the weekday adventurer who just needs a few hours on the water to recharge. Kayaking through this state park feels like an island get away without the hefty price tag. Explore mangrove tunnels or head over to Sandspur Island for a chance to see dolphins or manatees! Oleta River State Park also features 14 cabins for rent if you want to camp out for the night.

Loxahatchee River, Jupiter, FL

With over seven miles of wild and scenic kayaking route to explore, the Loxahatchee River is great for an all-day excursion. Offering a variety of wildlife and beautiful scenery to appreciate, this Florida kayaking spot is frequented by birds, turtles, and the occasional alligator. From winding river to mangrove estuary, Loxahatchee River encapsulates Florida’s natural beauty in one convenient place.

Whether you’re an experienced kayaker or just learning the ropes, taking advantage of the easy access to kayaking spots Florida offers is a must for the summer. With a Manta Racks kayak rack, it’s easier than ever to go out and discover what our state has to offer.

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SUP Racks for fishing boats


Call Us for the Best SUP Racks for Fishing Boats 

If you love fishing as much as we do, you get excited when you hear about cool ways to enjoy it. Enter stand-up paddleboard fishing (SUP fishing). But how do you get your paddleboard, which is decked out with everything you need to fish, out to your favorite fishing spot?  You transport it on a fishing boat, naturally – a boat equipped with a SUP rack. When looking for the best SUP Racks for fishing boats, check us out here at Manta Racks. 

We Offer Topnotch SUP Racks for Fishing Boats 

Whether you’re planning to spend just a couple of hours out on your boat or several days, it’s nice to be able to carry your stand-up paddleboard, with you on your fishing boat. And the SUP racks will securely hold your small vessel in place, freeing up room on your boat for passengers or more equipment or fishing gear. 

We have racks to fit nearly any fishing boat. And our racks, which are American-made in Florida, can hold up to 3 items at once. They can also store kiteboards, wakeboards, water skis, wakeskates, wake surfers, and certain knee-boards. 

If you don’t believe us when we say how great our racks are, listen to a satisfied customer, who wrote: “The manta racks product is an amazing way to transport your paddle boards/surfboards. I have run with them at 50 mph and they stay put and out of the way. Love my manta racks!” 

Whether you’re hitting the water to go stand up paddle board fishing … or simply to go paddle-boarding, it would behoove you to get a SUP rack for your fishing boat. We offer some of the best ones on the market, here at Manta Racks. You can order them online or call us and place an order at (888) 662-0225. If you’re near Orlando – stop by and see us. We would love to meet you and talk “fish!”

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Upcoming Episode of Saltwater Experience Featuring Manta Racks

saltwater experience fishing tv show

The team here at Manta Racks is excited to share with you that we will be a part of a month long campaign with a top name fishing series called Saltwater Experience!!

As a month long campaign to showcase our products to the fishing industry, we have partnered with the team at SE Multimedia, LLC.  As a part of the Waypoint TV series, “Saltwater Experience” will transport their Paddleboards to the Everglades to fish in spots that does not allow motorized boats.  Our 30 second commercial spot will run all month long!  We hope you enjoy the commercial and episode showcasing Manta Racks L2K which is designed to transport the LIVE Watersports L2 Paddleboard & Kayaks.  Check out our products page to see the wide array of rack systems for your boat.

Rich Tudor and Tom Rowland are amazing fishermen and a blast to watch. Check out their series here or


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Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show Video

Click on this link for video!

Manta Racks at Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show


Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth this year at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show!!

For more info, you can always email [email protected]