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SUP Racks for fishing boats


Call Us for the Best SUP Racks for Fishing Boats 

If you love fishing as much as we do, you get excited when you hear about cool ways to enjoy it. Enter stand-up paddleboard fishing (SUP fishing). But how do you get your paddleboard, which is decked out with everything you need to fish, out to your favorite fishing spot?  You transport it on a fishing boat, naturally – a boat equipped with a SUP rack. When looking for the best SUP Racks for fishing boats, check us out here at Manta Racks. 

We Offer Topnotch SUP Racks for Fishing Boats 

Whether you’re planning to spend just a couple of hours out on your boat or several days, it’s nice to be able to carry your stand-up paddleboard, with you on your fishing boat. And the SUP racks will securely hold your small vessel in place, freeing up room on your boat for passengers or more equipment or fishing gear. 

We have racks to fit nearly any fishing boat. And our racks, which are American-made in Florida, can hold up to 3 items at once. They can also store kiteboards, wakeboards, water skis, wakeskates, wake surfers, and certain knee-boards. 

If you don’t believe us when we say how great our racks are, listen to a satisfied customer, who wrote: “The manta racks product is an amazing way to transport your paddle boards/surfboards. I have run with them at 50 mph and they stay put and out of the way. Love my manta racks!” 

Whether you’re hitting the water to go stand up paddle board fishing … or simply to go paddle-boarding, it would behoove you to get a SUP rack for your fishing boat. We offer some of the best ones on the market, here at Manta Racks. You can order them online or call us and place an order at (888) 662-0225. If you’re near Orlando – stop by and see us. We would love to meet you and talk “fish!”

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Upcoming Episode of Saltwater Experience Featuring Manta Racks

saltwater experience fishing tv show

The team here at Manta Racks is excited to share with you that we will be a part of a month long campaign with a top name fishing series called Saltwater Experience!!

As a month long campaign to showcase our products to the fishing industry, we have partnered with the team at SE Multimedia, LLC.  As a part of the Waypoint TV series, “Saltwater Experience” will transport their Paddleboards to the Everglades to fish in spots that does not allow motorized boats.  Our 30 second commercial spot will run all month long!  We hope you enjoy the commercial and episode showcasing Manta Racks L2K which is designed to transport the LIVE Watersports L2 Paddleboard & Kayaks.  Check out our products page to see the wide array of rack systems for your boat.

Rich Tudor and Tom Rowland are amazing fishermen and a blast to watch. Check out their series here or


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Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show Video

Click on this link for video!

Manta Racks at Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show


Thanks to everyone who stopped by our booth this year at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show!!

For more info, you can always email [email protected]


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How To Insert/Install Your Board and Kayak Racks

When you receive your Manta Racks in the mail, you will see that out of the box, it only takes 4 screws for each holder to be assembled. Your order comes with two holders because paddleboards and kayaks can be over 10ft in length.

We made the process of assembling these 4 screws as easy as possible and your box comes with an instruction guide inside. The racks come with your chosen color pad already installed as well as the board’s bungie strap to the rigid support bar.

paddleboard carrier for boats
Let your fishing rod holders mothership your paddleboards and kayaks

Once you have the screws mounted tightly in place, simply insert your rack into your quality fishing rod holder. See pictures below

Install board racks on boat
Insert rod into rod holder

The design at the bottom of the rod of the rack, has a plus sign tapered cut to rest on the locking pin at the bottom of the rod holder. If your rod holder is too short or not a quality part, please look at our shop page and find a quality rod holder for your boat. If your rod holder is deeper than the rod of the rack, you can find an extender and an extender tool to match the length of the system to secure in place.

You will see a pin on the rack that you pull out to swivel the racks top to hold the board at the angle of your gunwale. After you adjust your racks swivel angle, put your board(s) on the rack and secure them with the bungie strap going over one board each and slip the end plastic ball of the bungie, under the designed cut notch so the bungie cord is going through the slit. kayak and paddleboard rack

If you have any trouble, are lost on how to purchase the right angle rod for your boat, or have questions regarding our products, please email us right away! [email protected]

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About Us

Manta Racks

MANTA RACKS were designed to solve a long existing problem – to get your boards off the floor of your center console or other fishing boat’s floor and secure them. Our rack systems allow you to organize your boat to keep it clutter free, so that your guests can move freely without tripping over your boards and possibly being injured.

MANTA RACKS simply insert and lock into pre-existing flush mounted rod holders. You will have more fun with your family and friends when you “Take Your Boards.” You can increase your fishing experience when you “Take Your Boards.”

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Mothership Paddleboards and Kayaks with Palm Beach Pete


“Mothership” – WIKI- A mother ship, mothership or mother-ship is a large vehicle that leads, serves, or carries other smaller vehicles. A mother ship may be a maritime ship, aircraft, or spacecraft.To us, “Mothershipping” is the concept of taking a large transportation vehicle (center console boat or yacht) to a distant location, to then take smaller vessels (paddleboards and kayaks) to places the Mothership cannot go.
In our case, we mothership on our boat to shallow waters and then take paddleboards to the waters that the boat cannot get to because that’s where the fish are hanging out.Click the link below to see the full video of how you can Mothership your paddleboards and kayaks this year.Mothership Paddleboards and Kayaks with Palm Beach Pete
Palm Beach Pete made this video and you can see him on Facebook at Continue reading Mothership Paddleboards and Kayaks with Palm Beach Pete

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