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    About Manta Rack Systems

    To solve the problem of boards taking up valuable space and causing damage, we developed a patented rack system that uses pre-existing fishing rod holders, securely storing boards on the boat's gunnel without drilling holes. Now all of your boards are out of the way of your passengers, securely fastened to a rack system.

    Floating Mat Rack for Boats | Floating Mat Racks Near Me

    Let’s face it, floating mats and pads are a great way to beat the heat. They’re fun for the kids, and a great addition to a day out on the water for the adults also.  If you don’t know what one is, they are a HUGE non-porous piece of foam ranging from 6’ wide to 12’, 15’, & 18’ in length. 

    The largest one can float 6 adults on it without sinking. What a way to hang out at the sandbar, lake, reef, spring, or other body of water! 

    There are several quality brands of floating mats to choose from, including:

    • O’Brien Water Carpet
    • Aqua Lily Pad
    • Wave Pad
    • Rubber Dockie Floating Mat
    • And many more.

    Below are links for different reviews and different styles of floating mats.

    With the ever-growing popularity of floating mats and aqua lily pads for boats, there’s a growing desire to transport them on our boats.  The frustration of transporting them to and from the sandbar on our boats is growing as well. You may have heard stories of these floating mats flying out of the boat while underway. And even if they don’t do that, they’re taking up a ton of space and getting in everybody’s way. Which begs the question…

    Where do you put your floating water pad in your boat? How do you tie it down?  Do you tie it on the T-Top?  Your water mat takes up more space than an adult passenger and blocks the walkways or seating of every boat, small or large.  Maybe you’ve thought, “If I leave a family member at the dock, I can take the water carpet on my boat…”

    Center console boat with a floating mat on the deck.

    With the most popular brands of the best floating water mats reaching up to 18 feet in length, recreational boaters have long struggled to find a way to safely and securely transport their floating mat to and from their favorite boating destination. Until now.

    White FM floating mat storage rack carrying a green and orange floating mat on the side of a boat in the ocean.

    Manta Racks has designed another revolutionary new product specifically to provide a simple, quick, safe, and effective solution to the problem of securing rolled-up, bulky floating mats when a vessel is underway. 

    Just like our other Rack Systems, the FM Rack System also slides into the flush-mounted rod holders on the gunnel or transom of your boat.  There’s nothing to install.  It’s really that easy. As we say at Manta Racks, another problem solved for the recreational boater.

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