Manta Racks L2K – Kayak Storage Rack for Boats



Product Features
  • Capable of transporting 1 Kayak up to 11” wide
  • Perfect for holding 1 large paddleboard, such as the LIVE Watersports Catamaran SUP or Dragonfly SUP
  • Simple but robust 2-rack system slides into flush-mounted fishing rod holders
  • Rotating and locking system keeps racks parallel with your gunwale
  • Crafted with salt-sealed, powder-coated aluminum, Stainless Steel hardware & starboard
  • EVA Foam provides optimal cushioning
  • Your choice of 3 different EVA colors & patterns
  • Your choice of finish, black or white
  • Not sure which angle you need for your rod holders? Click here for help measuring.

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Two images of kayak storage: the left side is the wrong way without supporting racks for kayak, while the right side is the proper way with L2K Kayak racks on the boat. L2K Kayak Boat Rack

Taking your kayaks out on your boat can be an absolute blast – but without the right equipment, it gets chaotic! How many times have you hauled your heavy kayak or large paddleboard out just to realize there’s no good place to hold it on your boat? Most people end up throwing them on the floor of the boat, where they take up space and slide around. This is not only an annoyance, it’s a safety hazard that can damage your expensive investment or injure your passengers! 

Now, there’s a better way: 

The Manta Racks L2K Rack System! This sturdy rack system is complete with everything necessary to transport a kayak. This kayak rack system is perfect for your boat as it is, making smart use of the through-bolted, reinforced fishing rod holders your boat already has! All you need to do is set the two racks in the holders and you’re good to go. Your kayaks will be safe, secure, and out of the way! 

Two images of kayak storage with supporting L2K boat racks.

Benefits of the L2K Kayak Rack For Your Boat

Made with only the highest quality materials. The superior craftsmanship that goes into all of our products ensures they will last for years to come. As a proud American company, we manufacture all of our products right here in the USA. This kayak rack for boats is suitable for use on a variety of vessels, including center console boats, walk-around consoles, and yacht tenders.

Incredibly easy to install. The best part about this kayak rack for your boat is that there’s no permanent installation required. Made from solid powder-coated aluminum, they are built to withstand the rigors of the open water. So why risk damage or injury by haphazardly throwing your kayaks on the floor of your boat? Transport your water sports equipment with confidence.

Engineered to meet a growing need. Manta Racks was born out of a need for a better way to transport kayaks, wake boards and similar items on boats. There were lots of racks out there for cars, but we realized there were no good kayak racks for boat owners. In 2015, we saw an opportunity to create a product that didn’t yet exist, and since then, we’ve continued to evolve. Our innovative kayak racks were designed to fit seamlessly in the fishing rod holders on your boat.

Designed to slide into quality rod holders. If you have quality, through-bolted, reinforced fishing rod holders on the gunwales of your boat, the L2K simply slides into them. Before ordering, it’s important to measure the angle of the rod holders you plan to use. The good news is, measuring is easy thanks to a handy app called the Angle Meter. You can download it for free on your Android or Apple device. 

Easily Take Your Kayak with Manta Racks L2K – Kayak Storage Rack for Boats

YouTube video

Manta Racks’ mission is to help boaters who love being on the water, to transport their water sports equipment safely, securely, and efficiently.

Need help? No problem! Ordering the correct rack mount angle may be confusing, so we created a video to help you. There is an app that you can download to help you measure the angle of the rod you plan on using! Whether you own an Apple or Android device, our app works for both! Just click to download:

How to Measure Rod Holder Angles

YouTube video

Simply insert a mop or gaff handle (or other straight object) into the rod holder, open the app, and follow the instructions to get your measurement. Make sure to measure both of the rod holders you plan to use, as they may not be the same angle. Keep in mind that the two rod holders should be reinforced and spaced 24″ to 48″ apart, and your boards should sit directly on top of the racks’ padding.

Looking to buy kayak racks for your boat? Our L2K racks help you store & organize kayaks and paddleboards with ease. Simple to use, top quality & US-made!

Additional information

Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 28 × 15 × 6 in
Rod Holder Angle

(2) 0°, (1) 0° & (1) 15°, (1) 0° & (1) 30°, (2) 15°, (1) 15° & (1) 30°, (2) 30°

Finished color

Black, White

Soft Pad Color

, ,

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Darrin G.

Best Accessory for our Bahamas Trip

We took our Freeman to the Bahamas and wanted to take our LIVE Paddleboards with us. Manta Racks L2K made it easy and safe to transport our Paddleboards during our 3 week trip throughout the Bahamas. Manta Racks are a must have if you want to take your SUPs on your boat.

John C.

Awesome products!

Stephen D.

Spectacular service and fantastic product

After my daughters purchased my first set of racks - and after our first trip out - I immediately ordered another set. They increase the versatility of our boating adventures - we are set to do everything we want without sacrificing space!! Great company - great ownership - great customer service!!

Mark M.

Own two set now

Loved the first set so much I purchased a second set for larger board and kayak. These are very well designed and built!!!

Jim B.

Great Product

I purchased a Manta Rack to carry a pirogue down the Mississippi River while duck hunting in Venice, Louisiana. The Rack easily carried the 100# boat in the often rough water. Very well constructed of quality parts. I was very pleased.


Manta Racks

A new market for Manta Racks. Thank you for the great testimonial!

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