Transporting Kayaks

Transporting Kayaks

If you own or are thinking about buying a kayak, you also need to think about transporting it from your home or storage area to your adventure. Car rooftop kayak racks are among the most popular types of options available.  But, there are times you may want to transport your kayaks to an island to explore or to fish a no motor zone on your boat.

Manta Racks has created a solution to safely secure your kayak to your boat. They are made in America in the State of Florida. Their Kayak Rack System (L2K) protects your kayak with stylish EVA closed-cell foam, which assists with impact while underway.  With adjustable UV coated nylon straps and bungee pull, your kayak is safely secured to the rack system and therefore your boat.   There is nothing to install.  Manta Racks’ Systems are designed to slide into pre-existing rod holders on the gunnel of your center console boat.

Storing Your Kayaks with Manta Racks

What do you do with your kayaks and Rack System when not in use?  Manta Racks has designed a mounting system (called Dock Mounts) which bolts to a wall in your storage area that accepts the Manta Racks L2K Rack System.  You insert the L2K into the Dock Mounts, then place your kayak onto the L2K and strap it in as you would when it is on your boat.  You now have an organized storage area for your kayaks.

Rack Systems for Cars

By installing an after-market rack system, most kayak transportation can be accomplished fairly easily. A rack system has the bars and feet (adapters), which connect the system to your vehicle. The bars can be used alone or can be utilized as the basis for additional kayak carriers. Thule and Yakima are the most popular manufactures of after-market systems. These types of racks provide the highest possible weight and are the safest way to transport kayaks on a vehicle.

Factory Racks

Many cars come with an OEM bar (often the flat oblong one) that can work well to carry your kayak and can generally be equipped with most kayak carriers, but they do not have the long-term capacity and strength of a decent after-market rack. If you need to transport many kayaks or even one large kayak, you will want to invest in a solid rack system or kayak trailer.

Blocks of Foam

This method is like the approach of kayak transfer using duct tape. The foam blocks are placed on the roof of the automobile, and the kayak is sandwiched down between the roof and the kayak. The reason behind the popularity of foam blocks is largely due to them being a very inexpensive shipping technique. However, care must be taken to ensure that the kayak is fastened correctly in order to prevent kayaking and/or vehicle damage or difficulties. Though this is a cost-effective method, it will not be something you want to do long-term.

When it comes to transporting your boat, Manta Racks is here to help, and we have expert advice to share as well.  You can reach us at 888-622-0225 or contact us online at

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