Paddleboard’s for Fishing

Paddleboard’s for Fishing

SUP Fishing is rapidly catching the imagination of the larger fishing community, and it is quickly becoming one of the go-to ways to have fun on your paddle board. Fishing from a paddle board is not only fun, it is also extremely convenient. One of the best things about stand up paddle board fishing is that you can go almost anywhere, especially narrow and shallow places that you perhaps wouldn’t be able to access in a boat.

Paddle board companies are now designing wider, more stable paddleboards, specifically for fishing. Below is a list of three paddleboards that are perfect for fishing.

1. Bote HD 12’

The HD, was designed as a versatile board for recreation, fishing, and expeditions by allowing paddlers to carry a variety of different gear. The twelve-foot HD is capable of supporting 375 pounds of weight, which is an impressive feat for a watercraft weighing only 34 pounds. Built-in bungee straps on the front and rear of the board allow paddlers to securely fasten gear to the deck of the board. Whether you are fishing, training, out on expeditions, or just having a cool day on the water with your kids, the HD can do it all.

2. 404 Rover 12’6” Touring


For many paddlers, the most important feature they are looking for is stability. At 30 inches wide, the Rover provides the feeling of standing on solid ground. This facilitates stand up paddle fishing and allows more room for all necessary gear. The Rover also includes a bungee system on the nose to secure your valuables and standard single FCS fin plug to mount your GoPro.

3. NSP E2 11’6”

This SUP design is a great first board for beginners or families alike. With its generous volume, it’s easy to balance for riders of all sizes and skill levels. It features a modern, double concave bottom shape and fluid outline which will make this a super fun board, and a fantastic board to be used for stand up paddle fishing. The 11’6” is perfect for fishing, cross training, yoga, flat-water adventure and as a casual surf partner. A great board to get the whole family involved in the fastest growing water sport in the world.

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