Dock and Wall Mounted Fishing Rod Holder

Dock and Wall Mounted Fishing Rod Holder

The SUPrack and the RackIt are perfect for carrying your paddleboards, wakeboards, and waterski’s on your boat so you can enjoy the water that much more.

Before we made these board racks, we just had the boards laying on the floor. They took up so much walking space around the boat, they got banged up, and would slide into our feet and ankles.
So you can see why we made the SUPrack and the RackIt.

  • Well what do you do with your racks and boards when you’re done boating??
  • Lay them on the floor of the garage?
  • Store them in a crammed locker or closet?

We said “No thank you!” to that and picked up a couple of pairs of wall mounted rod holders that we mounted down at the dock and in our garage to keep the boards off the floor and works as a great place to store the board racks.

Follow the link here to purchase your set of wall and dock mounted fishing rod holders.!all-products/tvanz

Dock and wall mounted fishing rod holders come in a pair of either black or white.

Easy to install the mounts and have multiple uses. Below is the RackIt for wakeboards and waterski’s.

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