Judging the Angle and Length of Your Rod Holder

Judging the Angle and Length of Your Rod Holder

Judging the Angle and Length of Your Rod Holder

All fishing rod holders are made slightly different. They are made with either a 0°, a 15° or a 30° angle to them depending on the position of the rod holder. 0° holders are made for the transum of the boat and the 15° is made for the rail and the 30° is made for the rail closer to the nose so the fishing rods don’t cross lines.

We sell different rod holders so you can mount new ones in the correct spots if you need more holders to fit more board racks. Because of the different angles of rod holders running up the boat, we had designed a swivel for our product so the rack can properly hold the boards.

Since not only are the rod holders have different angles, but there are different types, as well as different depths.
Our original rack system is designed for a certain length to fit inside the rod holders and utilize the locking pin at the bottom to secure placement.
We have come to realize that some rod holders on older and newer boats have deep rod holders. So we have the capabilities to made your specific rack have a longer male piece to fit inside the holder for safety.
We need you to make a note of how deep your rod holder is as well as the angle of the holder so that we can make sure your first shipped board rack is perfect for your boat.

Measure the depth from the top of your rod holder to the locking pin inside.

To determine the angle of your rod holders, download a mobile App onto your smart phone and follow the App’s direction to find the angle. The typical angle is 30° and the second common angle is 15°.

Download the Angle Meter App For Android
Download the Angle Meter App For Apple

Please tell us the angle and the depth of the two rod holders you plan to use on your boat. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions.

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