Why We Do What We Do

Why We Do What We Do

Why We Do What We Do

Last year we had joined the wakeboard professionals at the King of Wake competition in Orlando at the famous Orlando Watersports Complex.

We know that not everyone can own a wakeboard boat, but still love to wakeboard and wakeskate. This is why we built the RackIt system. Designed to hold both wakeboards and wakeskates, it is the best way to safely take your boards on your fishing boat, without them thrashing around the floor of the boat.

Not only do your wakeboards take up space on the floor of your boat, but they also get banged up and can even hit you in the feet. OUCH!

This is a problem that almost everyone has with fishing and center console boats. We ourselves faced this real life problem when trying to enjoy the water with our family and friends. We wanted something that was not permanent, yet visually appealing. Had to be light weight and could ride in rough water.

So the idea came that we could use the fishing rod holders as a pre-existing holder if we could just design the actual rack to hold the boards.

We started drawing up different ideas, even the swiveling feature for when you are transporting the boat. Once we came up with a confident design, we patented the product and started thinking of even more product designs that people would enjoy. Another fun activitiy that has been taking the world by storm is paddleboarding. The idea of making a paddleboard carrying system was a no brainer after the RackIt system was selling. Now people are enjoying this too.

People all over the country are seeing how easy it is with our products to take their waterski and paddleboard equipment with them in a safe and secure

The RackIt system swivels so you don’t compromise walking space on the boat, yet don’t catch your boards on the dock.


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