Great Color Options to Fit Your Style

With new technology arising in the world, we can now give your rack, whether its the RackIt or the SUPrack, a nice styling que by plastidipping your system in a range of cool and colorful designs. Above and below are racks that we have added a water dropplet style to. Many people are choosing this as a great option for their rack, along with the camo, and carbon fiber style.


Featured here to the left is the styling of camoflauge on the RackIt system. People choosing this typically have boats for hunting and want to match their life style along with the wakeboard, and waterski rack that can bring their families equipment on the boat without it sliding all over the floor of the boat during transit.

Here on the right is the carbon fiber styling on the RackIt.
We can only add styling to the metal components of the system because the other components are made from a composite plastic that will adhere and hold the styling layer to it.

The metal plates and the base of the RackIt are able to hold the styling layers.


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