Where to Find Quality Wakeboard Racks for Your Fishing Boats

Where to Find Quality Wakeboard Racks for Your Fishing Boats

If you own a fishing boat, then you know this type of vessel comes stocked to the brim. When spending a day on the crystal clear waters of South Florida, there are poles, bait, life jackets, sun-protective gear, and much more. If you’re looking to do water sports to break up the afternoon, where do you put your boards? You’re not the first person with this question, but thankfully, you may be the last! 

Manta Racks, a company in Orlando, understands what that predicament is like. That’s precisely why they came up with the idea to store boards on fishing boats so that they stay safely out of the way. The racks can comfortably sit on the gunnel of the boat, and the best part is that there’s no need to drill extra holes. Another advantage of adding wakeboard racks to fishing boats is that the boards won’t be destructive. Often, boards left loose on a vessel end up scratching and tearing, costing you hundreds to thousands of dollars in paint or fabric repairs. 

Here at Manta Racks, our life revolves around the water. Our passion runs deep for board sports of all kinds. All of this motivated us to create the best wakeboard racks for your fishing boat. Many people want to spend the entire day out on the water, but don’t want to be forced to only fish or only wakeboard. Bringing everything you need for both activities can take up a lot of space. That’s why you need a trusty wakeboard rack for your fishing boat. It can allow you and your family and friends to truly enjoy a great day out on the water while being able to do all of the activities you love.

At Manta Racks we came up with the idea to use the pre-existing fishing rod holders and added a patented 360° locking swivel feature. Boards can be easily stored on the gunnel of the boat without drilling extra holes. All of your boards are securely fastened to a rack system, and out of the way of your passengers. It’s a win, win! Our racks are American-made in Florida. It’s time for you to get one for your boat. We’re located just outside Orlando. When searching for the best wakeboard rack for your fishing boat, stop by and see us, or call us at (888)662-0225.

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