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    About Manta Rack Systems

    To solve the problem of boards taking up valuable space and causing damage, we developed a patented rack system that uses pre-existing fishing rod holders, securely storing boards on the boat's gunnel without drilling holes. Now all of your boards are out of the way of your passengers, securely fastened to a rack system.

    Wakeboard rack for boat Featured

    Wakeboarding is one of the most exciting and adrenaline-packed water sports out there. Buying a wakeboard is an investment in endless hours of enjoyment for you, your family, and your friends. But there’s one thing every wakeboarder should consider purchasing: a reliable storage system.

    Doing so will help keep both your wakeboard and boat in tip-top shape. It’ll also help clear the clutter on your boat. In this post, we’ll explain how you can find a perfect wakeboard rack for your center or dual console boat. Hang on tight, because we’re jumping right into it.

    Benefits of Having a Wakeboard Rack for Your Boat

    Wherever you go on the water, your board is coming along for the ride. And from one water enthusiast to another, transporting a wakeboard without a dedicated rack gets old; really fast. Throwing the board on the floor means it’ll get in everybody’s way, slide around, and become a hazard. And that means damage to your board, scuffs on your boat, and possibly even an injury to your passengers.

    Wakeboards take enough of a beating just from normal use! The last thing you want is to leave your board vulnerable to unnecessary extra damage. Getting a wakeboard rack to transport your wakeboard is better all around. It helps you stay organized, frees up valuable space, and keeps everything off of the floor and out of your passengers’ way.

    The Best Wakeboard Rack for Boat Use

    Here at Manta Racks, we saw a problem and created the perfect solution. Our B2 rack system is what we believe is the best way to transport wakeboards on a center or dual console boat. For starters, this rack is robust. Starboard, salt-sealed, powder-coated aluminum, and Stainless Steel hardware allow it to stand up to the elements and then some. But the rack system is still incredibly simple. It slides right into your existing fishing rod holders, no installation needed.

    The best part is that the B2 rack system can handle more than just wakeboards. You can transport your waterskis, wakesurf boards, kiteboards, and kneeboards all with this one device! Just slide it into your existing fishing rod holders and that’s it – you’re ready to roll. Our products are created by and for water lovers. The result? Each rack is made to the highest standard of quality, here in the heart of Florida.

    Transport Wakeboards on Your Boat With Ease

    You may be a wakeboarding pro, a complete beginner just looking to have some summer fun, or somewhere in between – whatever your wakeboarding goals are, keeping your gear in good shape is always smart. Just because you’re a daredevil out on the waves doesn’t mean you have to take risks when it comes to keeping your wakeboard secure. Stow your wakeboard on your boat the best way, with the Manta Racks B2 wakeboard rack!

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