Manta Racks Can Help You With Wakeboard Racks For Center Console Boats!

Manta Racks Can Help You With Wakeboard Racks For Center Console Boats!

Here at Manta Racks, our life revolves around the water. Our passion runs deep for board sports of all kinds.  This motivated us to create the best wakeboard racks for center console and dual consoles boats. 

Do you or your kids want to wakeboard behind your fishing boat? 

Would you like more space in your boat and like a creative way to hold your watersports equipment?

You got it – Our B2 Rack System is an innovative system to safely and securely transport your wakeboards, kneeboards, or wake surfboards on the center console and dual console boats!

The B2 takes your boards off the floor and out of the way, giving you more space on your boat. If you’re looking for wakeboard racks for boats that don’t have a wakeboard tower, give our team at Manta Racks a call. 

If you own a fishing boat, then you know there is no place to carry wakeboards, kneeboards, or wake surfboards. When spending a day on the clear, cool waters of the coastline, there are rods, ice chests, life jackets, towels, and much more gear stored in the boat. If you’re looking to do water sports to cool off in the afternoon, where do you put your boards? It’s an issue for many boat owners, especially fishing boat owners. Our team at Manta Racks saw this as an issue not only for us but for many boat owners as to where to store your kids’ wakeboards. That’s why we created wakeboard racks for center console and dual console boats. No longer will you have to worry about where to store your wakeboards. Purchasing our B2 wakeboard rack system for your boat is a no brainer and best of all there is nothing to install.

Having a good wakeboard rack can give you much more room on your boat and help keep your wakeboards out of the way. We came up with the idea to use the pre-existing fishing rod holders and added a patented 360° locking swivel feature. Boards can be easily stored on the gunnel of the boat without drilling extra holes.  When your boards are securely fastened to our B2 rack system, they are out of the way of your passengers, your boat is protected, and your boards are too.

It’s time for you to get a B2 wakeboard rack system for your boat.  It will reduce your stress while transporting boards on your boat. We manufacture our rack systems in Central Florida and ship for free in the continental US.  When searching for the best wakeboard rack for your center console boat, call us today to learn more about our wakeboard racks. Proudly made in the USA.

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