SUPrack Used On Your Dock

SUPrack Used On Your Dock

One of our customers sent in this picture of how he used the SUPrack on his dock to hold paddleboard’s safe and secure.
Most of our customers use the SUPrack on their boat because they are designed to fit into the pre-exhisting fishing rod holders, keeping your boards off of the floor of the boat. They lock into the locking pin at the bottom of the fishing rod holder and have been tested in rough seas for research and developement. Our racks are very safe to transport your paddleboard’s, wakeboard’s, wakeskates, waterski’s, surfboard’s and kiteboard’s.

This happy customer put fishing rod holders by the railing of his dock to store his paddleboard’s. It’s an easier way to hold your boards safe from falling off a wall mounted rack, and easier to take out and put back in since it sits at floor level.

Send us your pictures of you using your RackIt or SUPrack by sending us through email. We will love to see your rack in action.

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