Manta Racks – Convenient & Versatile Paddleboard Storage.

Manta Racks – Convenient & Versatile Paddleboard Storage.

Manta Racks – Convenient & Versatile Paddleboard Storage.

A customer of ours spent 2 weeks in the Florida Keys with his family this summer.  He has a 24’ center console and fished off shore just about every day; but there were days that the seas were too big to have fun, especially for his kids.  So, they packed up the paddleboards on their Manta Racks and headed for the flats.  He told us that having the ability to take his paddleboards provided him the opportunity to fish, even when the seas were rough.  Even though he did not have a flats boat, he could take his center console as far as he could go, anchor, and take the paddleboards to fish in areas he could not before.

It makes us happy to hear from our customers telling of their boating expeditions using their Manta Racks.  Our rack systems open up a whole other dimension in boating.  Thank you, Joe, for sharing your adventure in the Keys.


Mothershipping is catching on and becoming more popular every year.  There are several thousand acres of “No Motor” zones, which are bursting with fish that aren’t pressured by humans.  Many of these zones are too far to paddle to, whether on paddleboards or kayaks.  Using your boat as a mothership to transport your boards or kayaks will open up these amazing opportunities to you.  Follow these two links to a couple of professional fisherman who describe and show how easy it is to mothership.

Saltwater Experience with Rich Tudor and Tom Rowland head to fish the “No Motor” Zone of the Everglades.!/view/episode/67/1258/13/everglades-paddleboard-tarpon

Palm Beach Pete is a fisherman who fishes using paddleboards and kayaks around the state of Florida including the “No Motor” zone in Mosquito Lagoon.

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