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    About Manta Rack Systems

    To solve the problem of boards taking up valuable space and causing damage, we developed a patented rack system that uses pre-existing fishing rod holders, securely storing boards on the boat's gunnel without drilling holes. Now all of your boards are out of the way of your passengers, securely fastened to a rack system.

    Eight simulated positions on a kiteboard on the ocean

    On any given day, you are bound to find people heading toward the beaches, even in the wintertime on our summery coastlines! Manta Racks kiteboard racks are fully stocked and ready for shipment. Why not spend some sunny days on your kiteboard and catch some waves for the holidays?

    What is Kiteboarding?

    Kiteboarding is an exciting water sport that combines elements of wakeboarding, snowboarding, windsurfing, paragliding, skateboarding, and surfing.  It works by allowing the surfer to harness the power of the wind to propel them across water, snow, or pavement. With this momentum, surfers can perform any number of fun and elaborate tricks, or just enjoy a fun ride. Kiteboard racks for cars, trucks, and now boats mean you can take your boards anywhere and experience all the sport has to offer.

    How Do I Find the Right Kiteboard?

    Finding the right size kiteboard is crucial for enjoying your time on the water. Too large, and it can be difficult to maneuver; too small, and you’re stuck fighting against sinking. Finding the balance between size and maneuverability is key to getting the most out of your new kiteboard.

    How do you know what size you need? Follow this weight guide! 

    Less than 150 lbs. (68 kg)     53.5 in. (136 cm.) to 58.27 in. (148 cm)

    150 lbs. to 200 lbs. (68 kg to 90.7 kg)     57.1 in. (145 cm) to 63 in. (160 cm)

    More than 200 lbs. (90.7 kg)     59 in. (150 cm) to 69 in. (165 cm)

    Other considerations you should take when buying a new kiteboard include safety measures and storage.  Along with security straps keeping you connected to your board, other adjustments will help you maneuver your board in the water or across the snow.  In addition, there are extenders for personalization and kiteboard racks such as Manta’s B2 for easy storage.

    Finding Your Style

    Are you an adventurous person, looking for a new way to have fun on the waves? Maybe you’re just looking for a fun, new leisure activity. Kiteboarding offers both! Either way, developing your chosen style begins with the basics. At the beginning stage, choosing a board that is closer to the larger length of the scale is best. As you gain experience and decide to learn more tricks, upgrading to a smaller, easier to handle board may be a good idea. Either way, Manta Racks’ kiteboard B2 racks can handle your storage needs!

    Maintenance and Storage

    Keeping your kiteboard well maintained will keep it in top shape for years to come. The most important tip is to always rinse your board with fresh water after every session. This prevents damage caused by the saltwater, keeps your board in working order, and looking new. You should also examine your board prior to entering the water for signs of wear and tear which may interfere with your ability to kiteboard safely.

    Between every 10 and 15 sessions, use silicone spray to protect vulnerable components such as your pump, pulleys, and joints. Be sure to inspect your kite regularly and repair and replace your kite as necessary.

    When not in use, keep your board stored in a Manta Racks’ kiteboard B2 rack with dock mount. Our stable, durable mounts will keep it safe from damage caused by bumps or falls. All of us watersports lovers at Manta Racks wish our valued customers happy and healthy holidays!

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