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    About Manta Rack Systems

    To solve the problem of boards taking up valuable space and causing damage, we developed a patented rack system that uses pre-existing fishing rod holders, securely storing boards on the boat's gunnel without drilling holes. Now all of your boards are out of the way of your passengers, securely fastened to a rack system.


    Kayak and Live Watersports Paddleboard Rack

    About a year ago we introduced the S1 and S2 rack system with the intention of developing a rack for Kayaks.  In August we officially launched the L2K rack.

    The new L2K rack will fit all sizes of kayaks and also the L2Fish paddleboard from Live Watersports. The LIVE “L2” paddleboard is a catamaran style paddleboard that was developed with fishing & stability in mind.  This board, just like kayaks, is bigger than a normal paddleboard and does not fit into our S1 or S2 paddleboard racks.

    Due to the many requests from fisherman who own LIVE L2 paddleboards or kayaks, we developed the L2K to securely transport paddleboards and kayaks to their favorite “No Motor Zones”.   So not only can you TAKE YOUR BOARD, but now you can TAKE YOUR KAYAK.  Come by our Booth 4155 @ FLIBS 2016 to see the all new L2K rack system.

    To order your L2K rack today, click over to the product page and enjoy Free Shipping.

    Head to the L2K product page to purchase your racks today.

    The rack is made to carry one L2K or kayak at one time.  Two sets of racks can be purchased to carry two boards, one for each side of the boat, or for a friends boat if you are mother-shipping with others.

    Please note that this rack does not support canoes.

    Visit L2 Rack to buy the highest quality rack system for kayaks and Live Watersports paddleboards. And if you want to use these racks on your dock, in your garage or another wall, get the B2 Dock/Wall Mount.

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