Paddleboard DXLX® Lock System



The Paddleboard DXLX® Lock System is packaged in a handy mesh bag for easy storage. Here’s what you’ll find inside:

  • (1) 10 ft stainless steel, coated DXLX® Cable, with resettable combination.
  • (1) Cleat for use in the Fin Track
  • (1) DXLX® Jaw




Protect Your Sup From Theft With the Complete DXLX® Lock System

Benefits of a Paddleboard Lock

As water sports enthusiasts, we understand there’s hardly anything better than spending a day out on the water, especially on your stand-up paddleboard. So it’s nice to have it easily accessible and ready to roll. But to keep greedy hands from stealing what’s rightfully yours, it’s smart to invest in a paddleboard lock system. Whether you keep your SUP stored on your dock, boat, backyard, or your car’s roof rack, a lock can help keep your board safe. It’s also a great option for business owners looking to keep their inventory safe.

Paddleboard locks keep thieves at bay, giving you peace of mind when you need to leave your board unattended while out and about. Or even for those that store their valuable toys on their dock or in their backyard. If you’re looking for added paddleboard security, this is the solution you’ve been searching for!

How Paddleboard Locks Works

Unlike a bike, a paddleboard has nowhere to loop a cable lock through. This makes securing it more challenging. That’s why the DXLX Lock System is designed with surfboards, kayaks, and paddleboards in mind. The DXLX Jaw is an ingenious key-shaped device that, when looped through the cable, helps secure your SUP to any stationary object. It has metal clamps you can attach to either the leash plug or fin track. Once locked in place, thieves can’t open it, leaving your gear much safer.

In addition, the paddleboard lock is constructed from weatherproof materials. We’re talking marine-grade stainless steel. The jaw is encased in plastic nylon housing and the 10 ft coiled cable is coated in vinyl. This provides protection against the elements so you don’t have to worry about salt residue or rusting ruining your paddleboard lock over time. A practical, affordable option that can be used for years and years to come. You can even transfer it from one water toy to another, depending upon what you’re looking to secure at that moment. Because it’s lightweight (only three pounds), and comes in a handy mesh bag, grabbing it while you’re out on the go is super easy.

How to Set Up the DXLX® Lock System

Paddleboard locks are versatile and easy to use. To lock your SUP, follow these 3 simple steps:

  1. Clamp the jaw to either the leash plug or fin track of your paddleboard (explained below)
  2. Thread the cable lock through the loop on the jaw
  3. Lock the cable to something sturdy like your boat’s leaning post, dock, your car roof rack, or the S2 Paddleboard Storage Rack for Boats, etc.

Attaching the Paddleboard Lock to the Leash Plug

The leash plug is located at your paddleboard’s tail. Since it is built to withstand high pressure yanking without sustaining damage, you can rest assured that a thief shouldn’t be able to remove the lock. Clamp the jaw shut around the leash plug and thread the cable through. Then you’re good to go!

Paddleboard Lock System

Attaching the Paddleboard Lock to the Fin Track

The center fin track is located on the underside of your paddleboard. Attaching the paddleboard lock to this location requires another piece: the metal cleat. Slide the cleat into the fin track and tighten it, then clamp the jaw around the cleat to lock it in place. Thread the cable through like usual and voilà! The fin track is also designed to withstand force so potential thieves will have a hard time removing the paddleboard lock.

Locking Multiple SUPs Together

For people who need to secure many SUPs like paddleboard rental shops, SUP yoga studios, or are loading more than one SUP on your car’s roof rack, there is an easy solution available to you. During checkout, after adding the Complete DXLX® Locking System to your cart, buy as many extra “DockLocks Jaw Single” as you need.

You can clamp separate jaws to each SUP but thread the same 10ft cable through all of them and lock it around a strong, stationary object. It will function the same way as a single SUP and have the added benefit of securing multiple boards in the same place. How’s that for an affordable, easy fix?

And another perk for business owners is that with the DocksLocks Locking System it’s easy to reset your combination whenever you want to.

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