• Dock/Wall Mounts for Paddleboards / SUPs / Kayaks

    $250.00 Select options
  • Wall Racks

    $249.00 Select options
  • B2 Dock/Wall Mounts

    $125.00 Select options
  • DockLocks Jaw Single

    $29.95 Add to cart
  • Extender Insert

    $35.00 Add to cart
  • Gem Products Bluewater Fishing Rod Holder

    GEM Bluewater Fishing Rod Holder (Screwless)

    $118.69 Select options
  • GEM Bluewater Rod Holder Reinforcement Plate

    $24.48 Add to cart
  • RH Installation Socket

    $103.49 Add to cart
  • Nylon Strap Replacement

    $6.50 Add to cart
  • Bungee Pull Replacement

    $8.50 Add to cart
  • Paddle Lock

    $29.95 Add to cart
  • Paddleboard DXLX® Lock System

    $49.95 Add to cart
  • Universal Cleat for Kayaks Lock System

    $12.95 Add to cart
  • N2 9′ Coil Leash

    $29.00 Add to cart
  • N2 8′ Straight Leash

    $29.00 Add to cart
  • N2 SUP Paddles – Full Carbon Adjustable

    $229.00 Add to cart
  • Manta Accessories from Manta Gear

    N2 Padded SUP Board Bag

    $119.00 Add to cart
  • N2 SUP Paddles – Aluminum

    $84.00 Add to cart

Client Testimonials

We love when our customers take the time to say kind words about our products and customer service.

"Check out our new episode where we use the @mantaracks to take our @livewatersports boards to the no motor zone. After tearing up other boards and damaging my boat, I sure am happy that there are smart people in this world to solve problems with simple solutions. This time, not a scratch on the boards or the boat. Super simple and easy. If you like seeking the remote places, these things are the bomb."

Tom Rowland

"Going from Coral Gables to Chub Cay, last year we tried the trip with another brand of racks...had to stop and adjust, hmmmm 4 times...this year it was flawless crossing with Manta Racks."


"Manta Racks allows me to securely take Paddleboards out to the sand bars for my customers. They keep the boards out of the way when traveling. Makes for a safe day on the water."

Captain Charlie PhillipsKey Largo Adventures

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