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U.S. Senate passes Modern Fish Act

The U.S. Senate has unanimously passed S.1520, the Modernizing Recreational Fisheries Management Act of 2017.

The passage of the legislation, known as the Modern Fish Act, would make critical updates to the oversight of federal fisheries, marks a big step forward for America’s angling community and now moves to the U.S. House for final approval.

“Today is an important day for America’s 11 million saltwater anglers thanks to the leadership of Sen. Roger Wicker and a broad, bipartisan coalition of senators,” said Jeff Angers, president of the Center for Sportfishing Policy.

Please click here to read the entire article and learn more.

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We Offer the Best Wakeboard Racks for Boats 

Wakeboard racks for fishing boats

Why wouldn’t you surround yourself with things that make your life just a little bit easier? We’re talking convenience and peace of mind. That takes on even more significance when you’re cruising on the open waters. Here at Manta Racks, our life revolves around the water – fresh and salt. Our passion runs deep for board sports of all kinds. All of this motivated us to create the best wake board racks for boats. You need one in your life.

A Wakeboard Rack for Your Boat Will Give You More Space Onboard

Do these fun activities sound familiar – wake boarding, wake-surfing, paddle boarding, wake-skating, and water skiing? That’s how we roll, here at Manta Racks! We live for the water! But you know the deal – all of that equipment can take up lots of valuable space on your boat. And nobody wants that! ‘Need more space onboard? You got it – thanks to our innovative wakeboard rack. It takes your boards off the floor and out of the way, giving you more space on your boat.

Imagine, no more stubbing your toes on your skis or hitting the throttle and your boards coming sliding back to smash your ankles.  And not to mention scratching your expensive and quite large paddleboards. No thank-you!

Enter Manta Racks. We came up with the idea to use the pre-existing fishing rod holders and added a patented 360° locking swivel feature. Boards can be easily stored on the gunnel of the boat without drilling extra holes. All of your boards are securely fastened to a rack system, and out of the way of your passengers. It’s a win, win! We offer a variety of rack systems for center console boats for the following: *Paddleboard *Kayak *Waterski *Kiteboard
Our racks are American-made in Florida. It’s time for you to get one for your boat. We’re located just outside Orlando. When searching for the best wakeboard rack for your boat, stop by and see us, or call us at (888)662-0225.

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E15 – Boaters Watch Out

Kiteboard racks for boats

E15 – Boaters Watch Out

A good portion of boaters around the country trailer their boats.  When trailering to rivers, lakes, bays, or to the ocean it is easy to pull into a gas station and fill up your boat at the same time as you fill up your towing vehicle.  We just pour in the Ethanol Treatment as recommended as we top off the boat, then go about our way to the ramp.  Finding Non-Ethanol gas is like finding lobsters during lobster season.  Unless you are familiar with their hiding spots, they’re few and far between.  Over the past several years, dealing with the current E10 ethanol issues has been costly; whether buying extra additives or paying the mechanic’s bill to clean out the injectors of your engine.

Well once again Washington is stepping in to cause us to spend more money, but this time it may ruin a boater’s favorite past time.  The EPA is introducing E15 Ethanol to your convenient gas station.  According to all the reports we have found, including from the National Marine Manufacturing Association (NMMA), E15 will destroy an outboard motor or any other motor not outfitted to handle this decrease in regular fuel.  In a 2014 Boating Industry article written by Jonathan Sweet, he cites, “In 2011, the EPA issued the waiver allowing the use of E15 in all 2001 and newer vehicles. It is prohibited in marine engines, but industry advocates worry there is potential for miss-fueling if boaters fill up at a gas station (as many do) rather than at a marina. Testing by the National Marine Manufacturers Association and others has shown that E15 can cause severe damage to marine engines.”

The NMMA sent a letter to EPA Administrator, Scott Pruitt, urging immediate and effective education for the American public given the damaging impact of E15 on marine engines.  You can read more at this link.

When filling up your boat, please be aware of the type of fuel you are using.  Let’s get the word out to our friends and neighbors about E15, because a minor mistake will definitely ruin your day of boating.

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Mako 414 at Miami International Boat Show with Manta Racks L2K

We were lucky to be a part of the Miami International Boat Show 2017 with Mako Boats.

Mako released a new boat at the show, the 414 CC. They did a couple of Facebook Live videos, showing off the boat over the weekend that you can find on this link

Being a part of the fun, we had a pair of our L2K kayak racks on the back of the boat for everyone to see. The racks were empty so they could show off the boat, but people still asked about the new product sitting in the back fishing rod holders. Here are some photo’s taken from Boating Magazine’s Facebook where you can see our L2k Rack.


The MAKO® 414 CC is the largest, most powerful and most comfortable boat in the 50-year history of MAKO. With beautiful fit and finish, premium fishing features and state-of-the-art technology, the 414 CC is ready to safely take you and your crew to the horizon and back for an unparalleled family adventure or the fishing trip of a lifetime.
Available in Standard, Bluewater Family Edition and Sportfish Edition (coming soon), the MAKO 414 CC is the ultimate offshore fishing and family recreational boat—and it’s backed by MAKO Assurance—the best factory warranty in the business.

To find out more about our L2K Rack to carry your kayak or Live Watersports paddleboard, click the link >