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FWC reminds the public: Nesting waterbirds need room to breed

Nesting waterbirds need room to breed

Give waterbirds room to breed this nesting season. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) and Audubon Florida are reminding boaters and beachgoers to watch out for nesting birds.

“It is very important to limit the disturbance of nesting waterbirds,” said FWC biologist Nancy Douglass. “When these birds are forced to leave their nests, their eggs and chicks are left vulnerable to heat and predators. By respectfully sharing our beaches and waterways with these birds, people can help ensure their survival.” 

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Paddleboard Fishing Part 3

Paddleboard Fishing

Those of you who paddleboard or kayak understand the serenity of being out by yourself or with a friend. Although, most paddlers are restrained by distance knowing that they will need to return under their own power. There is so much more to explore with paddle sports, especially further away from shore…places where boats and even skiffs can’t get due to shallow depth or too narrow of a path.  Using your boat to transport your kayak or paddleboard opens up a whole new adventure to where fish are not pressured. Paddleboards are becoming the choice of paddlers, because of the site advantage of standing.

Coastal states have hundreds of miles of coastlines, which can be fished with the right watercraft.  Some of these areas are designated as No Motor Zones, therefore you must use a paddleboard or kayak to fish them.  All of these areas are quiet habitats for redfish, speckled-trout, snook, tarpon, and black-drum.  No pressure from boaters means a great likelihood of multiple hook-ups.  Imagine hooking up on a large snook or a giant red while on a paddleboard.  It is an experience that will keep you wanting more.  These monsters will pull you around until you are able to bring them in.

If you live in and plan to fish Florida on a paddleboard or kayak, read the article “Portage to Paradise” by Matt Arnholt in the Florida Sport Fishing Magazine.  Matt does a great job outlining and describing Florida’s No Motor Zones, such as in the Everglades and along the Space Coast.

Florida has hundreds of miles of coastline which can be reached by boats, but must be fished by paddling due to the remoteness.  Places like Wacassassa, near Suwannee, FL you can fish for hours on end and never see another person.  So, you can imagine the fish haven’t either.

Being able to bring paddleboards or kayaks with you on your boat opens up fishing opportunities.  If you have a bay boat or a deep V, but want to shallow water or flats fish, now you can do so without buying a flats boat or skiff.

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We Offer the Best Wakeboard Racks for Boats 

Wakeboard racks for fishing boats

Why wouldn’t you surround yourself with things that make your life just a little bit easier? We’re talking convenience and peace of mind. That takes on even more significance when you’re cruising on the open waters. Here at Manta Racks, our life revolves around the water – fresh and salt. Our passion runs deep for board sports of all kinds. All of this motivated us to create the best wake board racks for boats. You need one in your life.

A Wakeboard Rack for Your Boat Will Give You More Space Onboard

Do these fun activities sound familiar – wake boarding, wake-surfing, paddle boarding, wake-skating, and water skiing? That’s how we roll, here at Manta Racks! We live for the water! But you know the deal – all of that equipment can take up lots of valuable space on your boat. And nobody wants that! ‘Need more space onboard? You got it – thanks to our innovative wakeboard rack. It takes your boards off the floor and out of the way, giving you more space on your boat.

Imagine, no more stubbing your toes on your skis or hitting the throttle and your boards coming sliding back to smash your ankles.  And not to mention scratching your expensive and quite large paddleboards. No thank-you!

Enter Manta Racks. We came up with the idea to use the pre-existing fishing rod holders and added a patented 360° locking swivel feature. Boards can be easily stored on the gunnel of the boat without drilling extra holes. All of your boards are securely fastened to a rack system, and out of the way of your passengers. It’s a win, win! We offer a variety of rack systems for center console boats for the following: *Paddleboard *Kayak *Waterski *Kiteboard
Our racks are American-made in Florida. It’s time for you to get one for your boat. We’re located just outside Orlando. When searching for the best wakeboard rack for your boat, stop by and see us, or call us at (888)662-0225.

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How Wakeboard Racks for Fishing Boats Can Be Beneficial

Wakeboard racks for fishing boats are one of the hottest items around right now, as they’re quite the necessity for people who spend a lot of time on the water. If you go boating, fishing, and boarding, then you may notice the frustrations of trying to keep your boards out of your way. It’s a standard issue for many boat owners, especially fishing boat owners. Having a good wakeboard rack can give you much more room on your boat, and help keep your wakeboards out of the way.

Why Fisherman Need Wakeboard Racks for Fishing Boats 

If you own a fishing boat, then you know this type of vessel comes stocked to the brim. When spending a day on the crystal clear water’s of South Florida, there are poles, bait, life jackets, sun-protective gear, and much more. If you’re looking to do water sports to break up the afternoon, where do you put your boards? You’re not the first person with this question, but thankfully, you may be the last! 

Manta Racks, a company in Orlando, understands what that predicament is like. That’s precisely why they came up with the idea to store boards on fishing boats so that they stay safely out of the way. The racks can comfortably sit on the gunnel of the boat, and the best part is that there’s no need to drill extra holes. Another advantage of adding wakeboard racks to fishing boats is that the boards won’t be destructive. Often, boards left loose on a vessel end up scratching and tearing, costing you hundreds to thousands of dollars in paint or fabric repairs. 

Manta Racks is a company you can trust when it comes to your boards, primarily because they live and breathe on the water. They created this product out of their own necessity, and now, they’re sharing their ideas with you. Stop pondering how to fit your boards on the boat for the big fishing day. Just strap them to the side, and pull them out when you need them! For a more peaceful and more relaxing trip, Manta Racks has you covered. Visit their website for wakeboard racks for fishing boats at 

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Paddleboard Fishing Part 2

PaddleBoard Fishing

When you go Paddleboard Fishing and take your paddleboard with you on your boat using Manta Racks, you can get to remote places where the fish are not pressured. Using the boat as a base or mothership, you won’t have to bring all your lures, fishing rods, and other accessories with you on the paddleboard, just what you need to hunt for a couple of hours.

The type of paddleboard or stand up paddleboard (SUP) you bring is key. It should be stable, have enough room to bring along some important items and be designed for paddleboard fishing. The fin(s) should be for shallow water, 4” to 6” long at most. Fish, such as redfish, are in very shallow water to feed and you don’t want your board to be stuck because of the length of the fins. Some paddleboards are wide enough to carry a small cooler for refreshments, a snack, and your catch. Bring along a stringer, just in case your catch is too large to fit in your cooler. With a stringer, you will be able to tow your catch back to your boat. If you have a board that can handle a cooler, place in the middle of the board, so that it can be used as a seat.

Bringing at least 2 to 3 fishing poles allows you flexibility of having different presentations without having to tie on different lures. Whether you break a line (which you will) or to have different lures on each rod for different scenarios, you will have a backup and options.

For safety, wear some type of water shoes just in case you have to step off your board. Wear a life jacket, use a leash, and carry a communication device such as a cell phone or hand-held VHF. You will be in some remote areas and may need to contact someone.

PaddleBoard Fishing

Paddleboard Fishing

To recap, the items you must bring for paddleboard fishing are a stringer, something to measure with, net, rope or stick pole for an anchor, polarized glasses, a drink holder, extra bait/lures, and 2 or 3 fishing rods with different presentations or baited ready to cast. Safety items include some sort of life jacket, water shoes, board leash, and a communication device. Consider a belly bag or fanny pack to carry some of these things.

Remember, plan minimal but take the essentials; your boat won’t be too far away so you can go back to it should you forget something.

Peter Hinck, AKA: Palm Beach Pete has a good paddleboard fishing safety video on YouTube.

Check out his other tips

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Paddleboard Fishing

Paddleboard Fishing

Fishing from a paddleboard is relatively new here in Florida and in many other states. If you haven’t heard of it you may think it sounds a bit crazy, but paddle fishing has been around for a long time from canoes and kayaks. Fishing from a paddleboard is just the next step in this evolution. The added benefit to paddleboards over kayaks, is that you are sight fishing from a higher stance than in kayaks. Another benefit to paddle fishing is the serene feeling you enjoy as you stalk your unsuspecting prey with no one else around.

The State of Florida has designated areas around the coastline as “No Motor Zone,” meaning that anglers can only fish in an area with a vessel that is paddled or pushed with a pole. Many more of these types of areas are going to be designated because of the improvement of the fisheries with the absence of busy boating and over fishing. The good news is that those anglers who can get their kayaks or paddleboards to these areas will experience a day of fishing like no other. The obstacle is that these areas are typically a very long distance to paddle. Manta Racks offers the perfect conveyance system to get your boards to these locations.

Paddleboard FishingOnce you are in these areas, you are away from boat traffic. The fish are living in their natural habitat, hunting and feeding without being bothered. With a Stand-Up Paddleboard and the right accessories, any angler can hunt these predators in these amazing and peaceful areas.

In this 4-part series of paddleboard fishing blogs, we will provide a look at these new areas where fish aren’t pressured by boats or human traffic, the accessories to consider bringing with you, the adventure, and a recipe for your catch.