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At Manta Racks, we love the water and all the fun things you can do when you’re on it. In Florida, every destination allows and even encourages FUN. We love doing various water sports including wakeboard, wakesurf, paddleboard, wakeskate, and waterski. Our genuine fervor for the ocean and the life it breaths into us has encouraged us to make much more comfortable and affordable tools and resources for watersport enthusiasts like us to have a more enjoyable and less uncomfortable experience in the water, as they take in the sun and navigate in their boats. For us, watersports are not only meant for Summer time. We motivate those around us to go out and enjoy what the beautiful South Florida beaches have to offer, all year round! And with more accessible and accommodating tools now you can too! 

It’s no secret that many of us live very stressful and hectic lives. There’s always something stopping our fun and adding to our levels of tension. However, if there’s anything that can make you feel more at ease and in touch with life and nature, that is ocean. In the ocean, you are able to do as many watersports as you can imagine, while having a fun time with friends and family and feeling your worries fade. During your time in the ocean, you want to have as much freedom in your boat as you can. Having paddleboards constantly be in the way, blocking access and eliminating valuable space from your boat, can be quite exhausting and demotivating. Not only that, but paddleboards are expensive. When you purchase a boardit’s an investment and you do not want them to go to waste. Every dollar bill counts and at Manta Racks we are all about maximizing your dollar bills. Our wide-range of superior and affordable boat racks that will eliminate all of your problems, bringing back the fun and easygoingness innate in these sports. At Manta Racks, we use pre-existing fishing rod holders, and have a patented 360°locking swivel feature, which allows for the boards to be efficiently stored on the gunnel of the boat, without making additional holes. Could you ask for anything else?! 

Call Manta Racks for more information about our boat racks for your paddle boards, or visit our website and take a look at the tons of options available. What we do is born out of love, our love for the ocean, for nature and for life itself! If you’re passionate about the water and all of the fun memories that you can make with friends and family as you boat around the South Florida Beaches, then you will definitely want to look into Manta Racks and all we’ve got to offer. 

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