Beautiful weather is the norm in Parkland, Florida, and there’s no better way to spend a beautiful day than on the water. You can grab your water boards and fishing boat and hit the waves. The challenge is strapping them down and ensuring that they stay out of your way, especially when you’re fishing. Since paddleboards and kneeboards can be quite large, how can you save some space? At Manta Racks, we asked ourselves the same question in Parkland, Florida. That’s why we’ve created Manta Racks including:  

  • B3 Rack for Wakeboards, Waterskis, Wakeskate, and Kiteboards 
  • L2K Rack for a Single Kayak or a Single L2 Fish Paddleboard  
  • S1 Rack for a Single Paddleboard 
  • S2 Rack for Double Paddleboards 
  • & So Much More 

It doesn’t matter what your water sport of choice is with Manta Racks in Parkland, Florida. We offer fixtures for almost all types of fun! As regular boaters, we experienced the first-hand struggles of managing large boards on our family fishing boat. However, our passion runs deep for board sports, regardless of the style. Yet, space is always limited. Our racks can hang from the side of the boat so that you can take your board with you everywhere you go, without sacrificing space. Therefore, we’ve patented 360 degree locking swivel features to be used on pre-existing fishing rod holders. They’re easy to store, and there’s no need to drill through your boat! 

If you’re ready to enjoy your time on the water hassle free, call Manta Racks today. We know we have a fantastic product and that residents from Parkland, Florida and beyond can genuinely benefit from the ease and efficiency. If you don’t believe us, just check out our amazing reviews! Watersports are important to those who love the water. Always keep your passions close using Manta Racks!

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