There’s nothing like driving your boat in the warm Florida sun and feeling the heat on your face. There’s also nothing like grabbing your water boards to enjoy while you simultaneously fish! Unfortunately, that’s only a dream for fisherman, as it’s quite challenging to fit full-size boards into a fishing boat. They are either in the way on the floor, or they’re bound to blow away if not properly held down. At Manta Racks, we’re people of the water ourselves. We love surfing above the water’s surface, and we love using our fishing boat to do it! We faced many of the same issues that other water sports individuals did in the city of Middleton, MA. That’s why we decided to create a set of racks for boards such as:   

  • Wakeboards  
  • Waterskis 
  • Wakeskates 
  • Kiteboards 
  • Paddleboards 
  • & More  

As you can see, there’s not a single board left behind. When you’re enjoying the day on the water, you shouldn’t have to choose what you’re going to take and what you’re going to leave behind. Manta Racks hook securely and conveniently on the side of your vessel so that you can keep cruising. Furthermore, you’re not limited to a single set of racks! If you’re a paddleboarder and a wakeskater, you can take both boards with you anywhere you go.  

We’re a family just like yours, and when you’re looking for innovative solutions, you can find one in Manta Racks. Our website is chock-full of raving client reviews. You can see just how effective they’ve been for others, and perhaps you’ll be writing a five-star review of your own one day! The racks have 360 patented swivel features that make them easy to maneuver and easy to be stored. Contact Manta Racks today to get your hands on an organizational tool you don’t want to miss!

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