Florida is home to a number of beautiful lakes and oceans. It’s no wonder that the sun pulls so many residents to own boats and water sports gear. However, the challenge remains for water fanatics on how to transport and store their equipment, especially on fishing boats! There isn’t a lot of extra available space. That’s precisely why Manta Racks decided to create a comfortable and efficient solution. With their racks, fishers from Coral Gables, FL and beyond can finally take their favorite gear on all of the outdoor adventures! Their racks include:   

  • S1 Rack for a Single Paddleboard  
  • S2 Rack for Double Paddleboards  
  • B3 Racks for Water boards, Wakeboards, Waterskis, and more!  
  • L2K Rack for Single Kayak  
  • & More!  

Whatever your water sport of choice, Manta Racks offers fixtures for all types of boats! Our company came out of a similar personal struggle where we were frustrated that our water sports equipment couldn’t fit easily onto our boats. That led to the birth of our company where we solved these issues and gave thousands of other individuals a cost-efficient solution! The fixtures sit on the side of the boat where they are out of the way and easy to get to. You can take them anywhere in Coral Gables, FL without sacrificing space! Our company has also patented 360-degree swivel features!

If you’re looking to enjoy your time on the water to the max, shop with Manta Racks today. We know our product is one of a kind, and for so many fishermen like ourselves, we’re sure that you’ll be writing a quality review of your own soon. To see how other people felt about their Manta Racks purchase, check out our website! Today is the day you choose a smarter option. Not only will it improve your boating experience, but it will also enhance your happiness on the water in Coral Gables, FL.

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AWESOME product and amazing service

Review of Manta Racks

Manta Racks .

Manta Racks .

When you want to transport your boards or kayaks safely.

Near Coral Gables, FL
Coral Gables, FL - When you want to transport your boards or kayaks safely.
Manta Racks .

Manta Racks .

With Manta Racks S2 we can invite our friends to the sandbar and take our SUP's

Near Coral Gables, FL
Manta Racks .

Manta Racks .

Our Manta Racks S2 clears the deck free and clear, keeping our paddleboards out of the way.

Near Coral Gables, FL

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