At Manta Racks, our lives revolve around the water. Specially in Florida, where any destination allows for an enjoyable time with friends and family. Here, we enjoy doing any kind of water sport there is, wakeboard, wakesurf, paddleboard, wakeskate, and waterski. It is from our innate passion for the ocean, and the experiences you’re able to have in it, that we get our drive to create products that make it easier for watersport enthusiasts to have a much more comfortable experiences during their boating adventures. For affordable, efficient boat racks, contact Manta Racks in Apopka, FL. 

After a stressful week, there’s nothing better than heading off on a small trip in the ocean with friends to have a little bit of fun, and decompress. During your time in the ocean, you want to have as much freedom in your boat as you can. Having paddleboards constantly be in the way, blocking access and eradicating valuable space from your boat, can be frustrating. Not only that, but paddleboards are expensive. When you purchase a board in Apopka, FL, it’s an investment and you do not want them to get scratched and damaged. That will mean extra money coming out of your pocket to pay the repairs, or having to purchase a new one. Manta Racks, however offers a wide-range of boat racks that will eliminate that problem. We use pre-existing fishing rod holders, and now have a patented 360°locking swivel feature. This allows for the boards to be efficiently stored on the gunnel of the boat, without making additional holes. Think about it! This is definitely the way to go.   

Contact Manta Racks at (321) 662-6787 for boat racks for your paddle boards in Apopka, FL, or visit our website, and look at the many options available. We do what we do over our love of the water and the watersports you get to enjoy with family and friends. Next time you’re thinking about taking a boating trip, first stop by Manta Racks. Our Racks Take Your Boards!

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