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At Manta Racks, we’ve been boating all our lives and love to be on the water. Every destination on a boat is serene and will create long last memories, whether fishing, scuba diving, or other water sports. There are various water sports that can be enjoyed with a boat including wakeboarding, wakesurfing, wakeskating, waterskiing, even paddleboarding. Our genuine passion for boating and family fun has encouraged us to build products which will make your boating experience more comfortable while also being safe. Now boating and water sports can be done without losing valuable space on your center console or bay boat.

It’s no secret that many of us live very stressful and hectic lives. There’s always something hindering our fun and adding to our levels of tension. However, if there’s anything that can make you feel more at ease, in touch with your family and nature, it is boating. While on the water, you are able to do as many watersports as you can imagine, having a fun time with friends and family. Your worries fade as you create memories of a lifetime. During the time on your boat with all the water toys, you don’t want to deal with cluttered walk ways or the headache of repositioning them. Having 10 foot and 12 foot paddleboards constantly be in the way, blocking access, and reducing valuable space in your boat can be quite frustrating and exhausting. In addition, paddleboards, wakeboards, and kiteboards are very expensive. Purchasing boards is not only a financial investment, but also an investment in fun. Therefore, you want to protect and take care of them. We invented Manta Racks systems to make a more, safe boating experience while enjoying watersports. With Manta Racks systems you can free up boat space, protect your investments while protecting your passengers. Our wide-range of superior board racks for boats will eliminate all of these issues, restoring the fun and relaxation of boating.

Manta Racks were designed to use flush mounted fishing rod holders, and have a patented 360° locking swivel feature, which allows for the boards to be efficiently transported parallel to the gunnel of the boat. No installation required; nothing to permanently mount on your boat.

Don’t hesitate to call Manta Racks for more information about our rack systems, questions about our rack systems working with your boat, or to clarify how to measure the rod holder angles. We are here to help you get your boards to the destination and your boat clutter free.

We do what we do is because we are boaters too. We had the same watersport toy issue as you do. We have expensive wakeboards, paddleboards, kneeboards, and waterskies and there is nowhere to store these on a center console or bay boat. It was very frustrating to lay them on the floor, damaging the boards, and stubbing our toes on them while trying to maneuver around the boat. If your boat is cluttered with water toys while creating all of the fun memories, then you will definitely want to look into Manta Racks and all we have to offer to safely and securely transport any board on your boat. We encourage every boater to explore and enjoy the immense water ways the world has to offer and take your boards.

What a fantastic product, so easy to assemble and fit, beautifully crafted and better still does the job of keeping my stand up paddle boards off the deck and out of the way. Couldn’t be happier 🙂

David Gaunt

There is simply no better product on the market for Paddleboard Boat Racks than S2 Manta Racks. We put them to the test at Botany Bay on our 7m centre console. They make loading & carrying SUPs a breeze and they hold fast even at over 35knots in bumpy conditions.

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