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Where to Find SUP Accessories in Florida and Beyond

Stand up paddle boarding is a sport for many people. It’s a balance game, no doubt, but it does allow for a calm and relaxing day spent on the water. However, paddleboards can be quite large and cumbersome when it comes to traveling. Fortunately, there are plenty of SUP accessories and additions to make your next trip a bit easier. At Manta Racks, we ran into a problem prior to starting the business. As owners of a fishing boat and with an enjoyment for watersports, we found it challenging to intermix the two. Our paddleboards were too large to put in the boat. They took up precious amounts of space and proved to be a safety hazard. That’s when we decided to build Manta Racks. No longer will you have to choose which outdoor water sport you want to prioritize. Why not choose both?  


SUP Accessories from Manta Racks  


There are a few different accessories that we believe are helpful for those who love stand up paddle boarding. First, we offer an incredible rack that helps you enjoy your boat and your equipment. Our L2K rack system can transport the catamaran style paddleboard by LIVE Watersports or even a kayak! Because these pieces of outdoor equipment can be quite heavy & large, it’s crucial that this rack is set into a durable, through-bolted, reinforced fishing rod holder. The distance between both holders should be 24 inches to 48 inches. Additionally, it’s important to check the angle of the rod holder to ensure that it fits with our racks.  We offer 300, 150, & 00 angles with 300 being the most common.


Our S1 Rack transports one paddleboard. Similar to the L2K rack, this product needs to be reinforced into fishing rod holders that are heavy-duty. Some individuals solely like to paddleboard, making this an excellent choice. However, if you prefer to alternate between a kayak and a paddleboard, the L2K rack will be your better option. If you have two paddleboards, you might find our S2 rack more suitable. This incredible duo allows for the transport of two paddleboards at once. Whether you’re looking to take a loved one or a friend, this rack will allow you to have fun in the sun all day long.  


Some other accessories include our dock and wall mounts, which can securely hold your boards while you’re at home or in your marina. If you need a reinforcement plate for your fishing rod holders, we offer a GEM Bluewater Rod Holder Reinforcement Plate. At Manta Racks, we firmly believe in living life to the fullest. We learned firsthand that water sports and fishing boats can be a challenge. However, with our incredible products, we’re sure that you’ll be ecstatic about your new and easier life. Contact Manta Racks today at 1-888-622-0225 to learn more about SUP accessories. For any other questions, please call or go to our website at We can’t wait to show you what true happiness feels like! Life on the water has never been more relaxed.